Build mobile-friendly checklists and content-rich reports in a matter of minutes. Simply copy-and-paste your requirements, and let the SansWrite X Content Manager  do the rest.

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SansWrite Mini-inspections™ allow you to quickly and accurately document findings with fewer clicks and less typing. Go beyond generic one-size-fits-all fillable forms with SansWrite X.

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SansWrite Roll-up Reporting™ automatically compiles findings from individual checklists into easy-to-read report and summary printouts. Say goodbye to note taking and handwritten reports.

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Introducing Version X

SansWrite™ was rebuilt from the ground up using the latest programming technology, and enables inspectors, auditors and surveyors to more efficiently collect data and communicate findings. With all the features you've come to expect from SansWrite, Version X works with the latest mobile technology and is packed with new and improved features. Contact us today for a demo.

Mini Inspections


NEW! Break down large and complex inspections into a series of smaller checklists - we call them mini-inspections. By selecting the number of checklists when setting up an inspection, you can custom tailor your workflow to exactly what you are inspecting.

Roll-up Reporting

Roll-up Reporting™

NEW! Findings from individual checklists automatically roll-up into a report or summary for easy reading and analysis. For the report, findings roll-up into sections and inquiries. For the summary, findings roll-up into pre-defined classifications (not illustrated).

Completion Tracking

Completion Tracking

Designed for use in the field, SansWrite X monitors your progress and gives indications when checklists are complete. Additionally, it provides help menus to prompt you about incomplete checklists (not illustrated).

Management Dashboard

Data Dashboard

NEW! Take a top-level view, or drill down into the details using real-time data. Customize the dashboard to quickly see the information that matters most to you.

Standard Findings

Standard Findings

Standardized text dramictally increases productivity by providing you with lists of pre-written descriptions of common conditions and violations. NEW! You can also organize your Standard Findings into pre-defined classifications.

Finding Builder

Finding Builder™

SansWrite's Finding Builder allows you to quickly and easily insert details into standardized text without typing. Additionally, it enables inspectors of all skill levels to create concise and consistent reports without time-consuming reviews.

Picture Editor

Picture Editor

Snap one or several pictures using your device’s camera, and quickly attach them to a finding. NEW! Using the built-in Picture Editor, you can easily crop and annotate pictures to highlight the deficiency or violation.

Content Manager

Content Manager

NEW! Organize requirements into an outline format using a word processor interface. Tag headings to define the report structure, and add Standard Findings to build-out the content. No complicated drag-and-drop or programming experience required.

Occasionally Connected

SansWrite X works when temporarily disconnected from the Internet, and automatically synchronizes data when connection is restored.

System Integration

SansWrite X integrates seamlessly with third-party web applications by exposing a secure web service interface for importing and exporting data.

Latest Mobile Technology

Latest Mobile Technology

SansWrite X automatically adjusts to any screen size, and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS devices.

Inspections 2020

In the next 2-3 years, inspectors will begin using Augmented Reality (AR) technology in place of tablets and smartphones for hands-free inspection reporting. Unlike mobile, holographic computing uses a head-up-display (HUD) to project holographic screens into the real world, and eye-gaze and hand-gestures to navigate checklists and to enter data. SansWrite X is designed to support a variety of holographic computing platforms, including Microsoft HoloLens, and is currently being field tested in situations and conditions related to preventative maintenance inspections. For more information, please refer to the Inspections 2020 use case by Outlier Technologies.

Inspections 2020

About SansWrite

SansWrite™ is the most trusted inspection reporting tool on the market, and considered the go-to-app for single-person firms to large state and federal government agencies. We understand the unique challenges of working in remote locations, and since 1996, inspectors, auditors and surveyors have relied on SansWrite to complete more than 22 million reports throughout the United States and Canada.

Considered a technology pioneer in on-site inspection reporting, the initial version of SansWrite was developed to eliminate handwriting, and enable inspectors to generate more legible reports while on-site. With subsequent versions, SansWrite further modernized the inspection and reporting process by reducing the amount of typing required to document findings, and by monitoring inspectors’ progress to ensure reports were complete. More recently, SansWrite was the first to democratize regulatory inspections by enabling government agencies to publish reports directly to the Internet.

SansWrite X changes the game once again with the most modern, and mobile friendly inspection app available on the market. Reengineered from the ground up, Version X works with the latest mobile technology and includes all the features SansWrite customers have come to expect. SansWrite X also includes new innovations for managing content and templates, and new features like Mini-Inspections™ and Roll-up Reporting™. With SansWrite X, inspectors, auditors and surveyors can do more with fewer clicks and less typing, all while producing comprehensive, actionable and easy-to-read reports.

SansWrite is a subsidiary of Outlier Technologies with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.